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Earlier this month, TorrentFreak, the leading publication for all things copyright, privacy and P2P ranked IPVanish VPN service as a top VPN.
This is especially impressive as the list was stacked with over 50 competitors.
On-top of that – IPVanish announced that they’ve nearly doubled their number of anonymous IP addresses from 14,000+ IPs to 25,000+ IPs.
This brings them to one of the largest VPN providers in the world in terms of IP address numbers and country access.

With features including a zero-logs policy and variety of payment options – most notably PayPal and the anonymous cryptocurrency Bitcoin – are some of the many attributes measured to award IPVanish a top service ranking.
Knowing this, we decided to do a re-review of IPVanish and its service.


So we were granted a trial account which was simple enough to download and install.
Straight off the jump i noticed that IPVanish has defaulted its connection Protocol to OpenVPN (UDP). This may seem like a simple thing to change but many VPN users still use PPTP which has been compromised by the NSA.


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Unfortunately most VPN Providers that we test still defaults to PPTP so for this reason, IPVanish gets a +1.

IPVanish owns and operates all its infrastructure and software and offers unlimited use and unlimited switching between servers.
IPVanish also allows for 2 simultaneous connections to secure multiple devices or to share with family/friends!


IP Vanish Review Canada


A cool feature IPVanish has that many of its competitors don’t have – for the ultra-security conscious is an option to automate rotating of IP addresses.

IPVanish offers some neat auto-connect options which are convenient. Getting disconnected froma VPN happens and not being notified and continuing to browse is be risky. Infact that’s how many get caught.


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If you’re after a fast, reliable VPN provider which has thousands of IP addresses on offer, servers all over the world and a no log policy. IPVanish is definitely something to consider.
IPVanish also offer a full 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and 24/7 Customer service.
So give them a try, i don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Best VPN Canada IP Vanish Reviewed


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