Private Internet Access Review

This past week we’ve been using one of the more budget friendly VPN products out there – Private Internet Access.


Best VPN Canada

Firstly our experience with the customer support and service team at Private Internet Access is nothing by complimentary, they are responsive and helpful.




While Private Internet Access is based out of the US they are going to be subject to United States Laws and regulations.According to the staff and also listed on the website of PIA is that they maintain no logs of any kind.
This helps in the event of a subpoena.


User Interface


We’ve reviewed some VPNS that have really great User interfaces and while Private Internet Access is basic and simple it is anything but aesthetically pleasing.
For example, to connect to a server you need to right click on the icon in the task bar, and click connect to the region of your choice.


Best VPN Canada


Additionally, the settings options are limited; they have the Kill Switch option which disconnects your internet connection if disconnected from the VPN.
The connection to the servers with different protocols is not as simple as some other providers, for example to use OpenVPN you need to first download the OpenVPN Installer in the case of Windows or Tunnelbick if you’re on a Mac you’ll need to copy some files into the OpenVPN Install directory.


Best VPN Canadian




For $3.00 a month Private Internet Access is on the lower end price wise in the VPN Provider.
The customer service is great and they have a fair selection of locations for which they have VPN servers.
It’s a great VPN service but it does have its limitations and given the extra complexity some may look to spend a few extra dollars to find a more user friendly solution.

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